With help from artists in the community, Main Street Brenham will again bring art to the streets of Downtown Brenham and invite professional, amateur, and student artists to participate in our Annual Spring Eggs Art Walk!

Egg Voting

Voting is now open. Visit any sponsoring store or the Visitor Center to pick up and return paper ballots. Online voting will open later.

Egg Bidding

Bid on your favorite egg to purchase and keep - Bidding is now open, check back for more details.

Before you Bid, locate the egg number you want to bid on in the list or images below.

Egg Bid List

Use the number next to the egg name (just the number) to place your bid on the form (link below images)

  1. Otto the minion Whitney Miles
  2. Reflection  Sue
  3. Eggcited for Easter The Doty’s
  4. Eggatha Christie Readin' With Rose'
  5. Easter at the Pool BBAC Staff
  6. Walk with Jesus Brenham FUMC Children
  7. Some bunny loves Spring! Lynda Shehorn
  8. Egg They Lived Hoppily Ever After Ambi
  9. NO EGG
  10. NO EGG
  11. NO EGG
  12. Pickled Egg Brenham Pickleball Club
  13. Country Love Jill Rybarski
  14. Jesus Has Risen Pat
  15. NO EGG 
  16. Eggcited for Spring Kruse Village - Health Care Center
  17. Gnome Place Like Home Kruse Village - Memory Care Residents
  18. Oh, for Peeps Sake Kruse Village - Independent Living
  19. Hop Into Spring Kruse Village - Assisted Living Residents
  20. NO EGG
  1. Hello, Spring Bountiful Blessings Day Program LLC  
  2. EGGtraordinary Fish!! Traci Moran 
  3. Some Bunny Special Jayci Moran
  4. The Third Day Ella Knobloch 
  5. Jesus, Take the Wheel Nathan Knobloch 
  6. Chaos M&L Printed designs  
  7. Oh, the Places You'll Go! BHS AVID
  8. Paradise Katie McCracken
  9. Hide and Seek Darkhorse
  10. NO EGG  
  11. He is Risen Indeed!  Alleluia! Ogrodowicz Kids
  12. Memories Springin' Up Everywhere! Brenham High School Choir
  13. Christ is Risen Audra Ogrodowicz 
  14. An All-American Easter Girl Scout Troop 32107 
  15. The Cross of Jesus 6th Grade Art Class, First Baptist Church School 
  16. "Meow" Said the Rabbit Bobbi Jo Supak 
  17. Candy Melts but Grace is Forever Doug Peck 
  18. NO EGG  
  19. Joy Cometh in the Morning Jubilee Creations 
  20. He is Risen Platinum Bin Washer 

Adult Eggs

2023 Adult eggs (22 × 17 in)

Student Eggs

2023 Student eggs (22 × 15 in)

Know your Egg Number from the list or images above? Eggcellent! Now you are ready to PLACE YOUR BID

Contest Guidelines

  1. With help from artists in the community, Main Street Brenham will again bring art to the streets of downtown and invite professional, amateur, and student artists to participate.
  2. The entry deadline is Sunday, February 26th. Online entries will be accepted at https://cityofbrenham.online/spring-eggs, or completed entry forms can be delivered to Brenham City Hall (200 W. Vulcan Street) or Washington County Visitor Center at The Barnhill Center in Downtown Brenham.
  3. Wooden egg cut-outs for entrants will be available on Monday, February 27 through Friday, March 10 at City Hall (200 W. Vulcan Street) from 8 a.m. - 4 p.m. Contact Teresa Rosales at trosales@cityofbrenham.org if other arrangements are needed to pick up your egg.
  4. This year, eggs will be judged into two (2) categories - Adults 18+ and Students (under 18 yrs old)
  5. The base egg cut-out remains the same for all categories. The egg can be altered as long as it remains intact.
  6. Objects may be attached to the egg but should be attached in a way that cannot be easily removed.
  7. Artists are encouraged to use creativity and innovation but should remember that this is a public art exhibition, and the audience will be broad-based and of all ages. Designs that are violent or sexual in nature will not be accepted.
  8. The Spring Eggs Art Walk is an interactive event, and as such, designs should be created with durability and public safety concerns in mind.
  9. The eggs will be displayed outdoors, so in creating a design, please consider the weather and other elements of nature carefully. Eggs need to be weighted with sandbags or other items.
  10. The back of the finished egg must be painted. Main Street Brenham will supply signage that will include the artist's name and the name of the egg.
  11. Finished eggs should be delivered to the display location on Friday, March 24 by 5:00 pm unless other arrangements are made in advance. Display location will be sent to each artist at the email address provided on the entry form.
  12. Main Street Brenham may reject any design that, at its sole discretion, does not adhere to these guidelines.
  13. A judge's award will be determined in each category - Adult and Student - based solely on the judge's discretion, with no voting considered.
  14. Prizes include:

Best of Show $200
Kieke Egg Farm

Professional Category (18+)
Most Creative ($125)
Floyd's Lounge
Most Votes ($125)
Hermann Furniture
Judges Choice ($125)
The Pomegranate
Best Easter Theme ($125)
Celia Haley
Best Seasonal Theme ($125)
The Book Nook

Student Category (18 & under)
Most Creative ($125)
Brenham Floral
Most Votes ($125)
The Canyon Chick
Judges Choice ($125)
Upchurch Architects
Best Easter Theme ($125)
Must Be Heaven
Best Seasonal Theme ($125)
Texas Casual Cottages

Thanks to our Sponsors!

  1. Information on how and where to vote for your favorite Spring eggs will be available once entries are received.
  2. Winning entries become Main Street Brenham property and may be used for future promotion, display, and/or auction.
  3. Eggs will be up for auction during the Spring Eggs Art Walk. Anyone can bid on an egg design via a link provided on the website. Auction proceeds from each egg will be split 50/50 between the egg artist and Main Street Brenham. Auction proceeds money is in addition to any prize money a design has won.
  4. Questions not addressed by these guidelines can be sent to Teresa Rosales at 979-337-7234 or trosales@cityofbrenham.org

A minimum of 20 entries must be received for the contest to take place.

Thank you to our award sponsors!

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