Wildflower Etiquette


Wildflower Etiquette

We really want to share the beauty of the wildflowers in Washington County, so here are some tips to keep visitors safe as well as minimize the impact of so many travelers on our colorful fields:

-Respect private property. There are plenty of public places to take pictures.
-Do not cross fences (see above). Take the photo from the road side of the fence.
-Follow the trail left by those before you.
-Sit among the flowers in the places that have already been used as a seat.
-Try to step between the bluebonnets if there is no trail.
-Don’t pick the bluebonnets. We need them to go to seed for future wildflower seasons!
-Be alert—fire ants, snakes, and poison ivy are all likely to thrive in the same places as the bluebonnets.
-Use caution on roadsides. If there is not an adequate shoulder, continue to a safe place.
-Please don’t leave trash behind; if you find any, pay it forward by taking it with you when you leave.

Common sense and common courtesy are key to an enjoyable wildflower season for all. Thank you for visiting Brenham/Washington County! We look forward to sharing our bluebonnets for many generations to come.

7 thoughts on “Wildflower Etiquette”

  1. There is no place in Chappell Hill that really has an “abundance” but there are scenic drives throughout the county where you can see the wildflowers.

  2. I am planning trip to see and photograph the wildflowers in March. I have not been able to find any info on when they might be in bloom. In the past several years March has been a good time to visit but I realize everything is different this year including the weather.

    I will be visiting with two girl friends from Dallas. I now live in Georgetown. I tried calling but it seems the number changed. Can you give me any info about what the season looks like? Also, if you would please send me some info on Brenham and Washington County. Due to the pandemic, we are not comfortable staying in a hotel and hope to rent a house or cabin. If you have any suggestions, I would appreciate it.

    Thank you,
    Joann Phillips

    1. With the winter storm last week, we are waiting to see how the wildflowers will fare. Normally, they bloom mid-March through mid-April. We have created the Wildflower Watch page here on the website and will continue to add updates as we see them blooming! So sorry our number did not work for you! Our main number is 979-337-7580 and you can find more contact information under the “about” section of the website here. Our main number is 979-337-7580. Washington County has many lodging options from vacation rentals to boutique hotels. You can find a complete list here on our website. Feel free to give us a call if you have anymore questions!

    1. We are slowly starting to see blooms! We are hoping they are just a little delayed due to the winter storm last month. Make sure to check out the Wildflower Watch Map on our website and we will continue to post updates as we see the flowers continue to bloom!

  3. The blue bonnets and many other gorgeous wildflowers were blooming today (March 23, 2021). It looked like just the beginning of a beautiful season. Get out there soon to get your fill of scenic beauty!

  4. Wildflower watch map is a great help for visitors to see Bluebonnets and wild flowers.
    We ( group of 8) were in Brenham on April 12th 2021 enjoyed spectacular blue bonnets, beautiful weather, food & Blue bell ice cream
    Visited Fireman’s Park which is well kept & beautifully maintained. Kudos to all Brenham park staff. You all rock!!!

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