Gunhild Carling

Swedish musical sensation Gunhild Carling is an internationally acclaimed superstar whose show is a can’t-miss event.
Gunhild features great swing jazz standards from the Speakeasy and Big Band Eras, and some of her music sounds like traditional New Orleans jazz.
“This woman is an unbelievable powerhouse!” said Sharon Brass, The Barnhill Center producer. “She plays an amazing assortment of instruments including trumpet, trombone, harmonica, oboe, harp, flute, piano, banjo, guitar, double bass, ukulele and even bagpipes. She sometimes plays three trumpets at once!
“But Gunhild’s showmanship really shines through her charming singing voice that is reminiscent of Billly Holiday. And she often breaks-out into dance routines – tap dance is her favorite. Sometimes she showcases all of these talents within one song.”
She masterfully takes you back to another era with vintage songs like “Minnie the Moocher,” “Sweet Georgia Brown,” “All of Me,” “It Had to Be You,” and an endless repertoire of old favorites.
In total, Gunhild has released eleven albums starting in 1985 with her debut, “I’ve Lost My Heart In Dixieland.” Most of her albums (and concerts) feature her family members who are also expert musicians and vocalists. Some albums were recorded with orchestras and some with her Big Band.
Gunhild Carling is a TV celebrity in Sweden, starring in Allsang Pa Skansen, Let’s Dance (Dancing With The Stars, Sweden), Fangarna pa Fortet (Fear Factory), Sa Skall Det Lata (Songwriter’s Board), America’s Got Talent, and ABC News.
With the Carling Family, Gunhild has appeared in several TV programs: Affären Ramel, Nygammalt, Cafe Sundsvall (Polish TV), Sommarkonsert Askersund, Aktuellt SVT, Sommarkonsert Grona Lund, RTL Germany.
From 2006 – 2016 Gunhild managed and starred in the annual Stockamollan Swing & Jazz Festival in her hometown Stockamollan, with artists from all over the world.
From 2008 to 2016 she managed a large jazz tour in Sweden with her own Big Band, including string section and dancers, which ran annually in January-February. The last year it covered 25 cities in one month.
In 2014 she performed with her “Carling Big Band” at the Royal Palace in Stockholm, for the celebration of King Carl XVI Gustaf’s Ruby Jubilee. She returned to the Palace In 2016 to perform at the King’s 70th birthday celebration.
In 2018, Gunhild moved to northern California with her family. She had performances scheduled throughout the United States, but when venues closed due to Covid she often performed live via social media where she amassed over one million followers.
Today she tours with her own Big Band, and also performs as a featured singer with orchestras and symphonies. She sometimes records and performs with the touring band, Postmodern Jukebox.